Recipients: Peighton Strickland & Emory Holt

Peighton Strickland
Peighton was the 2022 recipient, and is now in the 9th grade at Central Highschool. Peighton was in a boating accident when she was 11. Doctor told her she would not be able to walk, and here she is not only walking but hunting. Her love for the outdoors has just started and we are excited for her continued growth. Peighton recently received a new car and is preparing to drive but also undergo, hopefully, one more surgery. She enjoys her friends, volleyball, and family! She also attended the Youth Hunters Education and Outdoors Program this past year!

Emery Holt
Emery was also the 2022 recipient, lives in Water Valley, TX and is CUrrently in school at Water Valley. At the age of 5 she was diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Started a vigorous regiment of chemo, and a spinal port to try and achieve remission. Emery is now five years off treatment and going great! She's involved in Volleyball, band, UIL, and continues to approach everyday with a smile.